Saturday, October 08, 2005

Oct -10-2005: PBase Magazine #3 Released

Growl ! PBase Magazine #3 went live today, featuring Monique Bogaerts as the PBase Photog of the month.

This issue has a wealth of information including sage advice from Chuck Gardner, facts of life from Doug Barber and secrets of the Channel mixer from Glen Mitchell. Eric Kuhn joins us for this issue as the co-editor. And as usual, we have the 'solid-as-rock' gang of Wanda Bates, Gary Blanchette and Larena Woodmore working hard in the background on the magazine. A huge shout out to you guys !

We also have a brand new challenge this issue with Chuck Gardner urging the readers to explore visually effective portraiture.

Challenge #1 results are out as well in this issue. Please see here for the entries to the first challenge.

The winners (drumroll....)

1st Place: Christine P. Newman
Title: Alter Ego

2nd Place: Patrick Maechler
Title: Looking out Bali

3rd Place: Lisbeth Landstrøm
Title: Chimpanzees - appetite for more